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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing & Hunting Consell lends farmers’ co-op storage unit and grain silo

Consell lends farmers’ co-op storage unit and grain silo

foto 2020 coop campAs part of a deal signed into action by Consell de Formentera president Alejandra Ferrer and Cooperativa del Camp chairman Jaume Escandell, the local farmers’ co-operative can use a storage station and grain silos belonging to the Formentera government.

Ferrer and Escandell were joined by primary sector conseller Josep Marí and the co-op’s director, Carlos Marí, on a visit of the station, which is made up of three 45m3 silos, a receiving hopper and a grain distributor.

President Ferrer highlighted the Consell’s longstanding commitment to helping the agrarian collective breathe fresh life into local agriculture. “It’s a mission that means more now than ever before, because during confinement we saw first hand how important it was to be able to meet our own needs for certain products”, she offered.

Escandell, for his part, described the structure as a potential path to self-sufficiency in terms of grain and feed needs on the island. The co-op chairman said that islanders have continued to entrust the co-op with parcels of land, and pointed out that Formentera is on track to producing enough grain to keep Formentera livestock fed.

Associated costs
The purchase and installation of the silos and hopper, not to mention of the electrical panel  powering the refrigerating unit and grain elevator, cost €146,330.96. The effort to reinvigorate Formentera’s farming sector receives 80% of its funding from the LEADER fund; the remainder is paid for by the Consell de Formentera.

30 June 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera