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Areas Social action Culture and Historical Heritage Pine Islands crowds gear up for “Soñando a Pinocho”, a puppet show for the whole family

Pine Islands crowds gear up for “Soñando a Pinocho”, a puppet show for the whole family

foto 2020 sonando a Pinocho2Youngsters will have a ball with Soñando a Pinocho, the latest family-friendly production from La Tartana Teatro that narrates the imagined run-up to the classic story of Pinocchio. The magic-steeped tale, which explores the beginnings of Pinocchio even before Gepetto conjures him into existence, as well as themes such as solitude and persevering to reach one’s goals, was nominated for the 2018 Max Award for best children’s production.

Pinocchio’s creation story
Gepetto toils in solitude as a stoker on an old steamboat, firewood and flames his only source of companionship.

The logs with which the boiler room brims will soon be consumed by the roaring flames... well, most of them! Handy with a knife, Gepetto uses some of the wood to carve figurines of all shapes and sizes.

He has a particular recipient in mind for the pint-size box he’s fashioning at the moment. Indeed, Gepetto is no longer alone: one sound keeps him company... the incessant chirping of his newest friend.

Is there something innately magical about the boiler room, or is the magic that surrounds the boilerman the product of his own solitude? Together, Gepetto and his friend the cricket embark an adventure that will lead them to discover a companion inside a simple block of wood.

The company
La Tartana débuted in 1977 with Polichinela, a hand-puppet classic that immediately made evident the troupe’s fascination with the world of puppetry.

Since then, the Juan Muñoz-directed troupe has put out nearly forty productions, racking up accolades and performing in big-name festivals around the globe. Winners of the 1998 Max Award for the Performing Arts and role models to more than a few generations of peers, La Tartana have experimented with every species of puppet, cutting productions with technical prowess, a keen eye for aesthetics and a commitment to education. La Tartana’s work has earned the troupe a place in the performing arts PARTHENON, and in the memories of many.

Designed for children three and up, Soñando a Pinocho takes place at 6.00pm Saturday 14 November at the Sala de Cultura (Cinema). Admission is €5 for children, and free for adults. Tickets may be reserved until 10.00am (13 October) by emailing reserves@conselldeformentera.cat.

Soñando a Pinocho comes to Formentera as part of PLATEA, a programme of the Spanish education, culture and sport ministry’s National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM) which has given island audiences access to top-notch national theatre.

The day after their Formentera show, the troupe will offer a free performance of Soñando a Pinocho on Sunday 15 November (12.30pm) in Sant Josep’s Can Jeroni Cultural Centre. Tickets, which were initially available on cultura.santjosep.org, are now sold out.

9 November 2020
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