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Formentera ramps up efforts to court Spanish and international travellers

foto 2021 madrid AConsell de Formentera premiere Alejandra Ferrer and chief of marketing for the island’s office of tourism, Carlos Bernús, who are currently in Madrid, took part today in an encounter with travel agents and niche companies to promote Formentera as a destination for domestic and global travellers in 2021.

Holding up the wealth of natural sites and outdoor spaces Formentera can offer lockdown-weary travellers, President Ferrer underscored a local tourism industry which, after the lessons of year-one of the coronavirus pandemic, “is better prepared to adapt to changing health safety regulations” and “is ready to make the island the safest destination it can be”.

This afternoon, Ferrer and Bernús will be on   “Miradas Viajeras” promoting Formentera to listeners of Madrid’s Capital Radio. As always, Formentera’s representatives will work hard to pander to pre- and post-season travellers, plus highlight expectations around the arrival of visitors when emergency orders are lifted 10 May.

Various promotional events
Since Tuesday, the island has participated in a series of webinars organised by Tourespaña to court Polish travellers. For years, the island has prepared Polish versions of its main promotional material, making the current task of Formentera’s representatives even easier.

The island’s “Strategic Tourism Sectors” (“the SET”) have also met this week, with health and wellness committees renewing efforts to coordinate improvements with the Consell and SET-affiliated small businesses. In another bid to boost arrivals, Formentera has joined ‘Land in Sicht’, an online expo for Switzerland’s German-speaking travellers that started Thursday and continues through Sunday.

Lastly, Carlos Bernús gave an online presentation for members of the trade press yesterday, and today and tomorrow he will participate in Fiets & Vandelbeurs, an online event where Formentera will court travellers from Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, where the island is represented by Baltus Communications. The trade fair aims to draw travellers interested in outdoor sports.

23 April 2021
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