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Ana Juan announces cabinet reshuffle

Consell de Formentera President Ana Juan met for the first time with the local cabinet today to chart the course of the year ahead in government and announce changes in assorted departments. The main change will come with PSOE party member Antoni Tur's replacement of the sitting chief of environment and inspection services, Antonio J. Sanz.

President Juan recalled "Councillor Sanz's great work on important issues for the island during these two years of government". She pointed to the councillor's advancement of plans to regulate S'Estany des Peix, tender for a new waste collection contract, permits from the coastal authority that were key to opening the Nautical Sports Centre (Centre d'Esports Nàutics), promotion of solar energy, a renovated roadworthiness test site and enhanced reuse programme at the rubbish tip. Juan underscored the "commitment and brilliant management skills" of Sanz, adding that he would now be able to "devote himself fully to his work as an MP, where in less than a month he has already proven his worth".

Antoni Tur (Formentera, 1975) is a local businessman with an entrepreneurial and activist spirit, and a great music lover with a degree in music.

In addition to the Formentera Office of Housing, to be controlled by Councillor Rafael Ramírez, the Formentera Office of Equality will be overseen by President Juan as part of a June 2019 agreement.

Juan said the reshuffle would mean a "stronger cabinet better equipped to fulfil commitments and advance the projects initiated this term".

18 October 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Cabinet reshuffling

Consell de Formentera President Ana Juan has put her signature on executive decrees informing a reshuffling of the island's government during the second half of the presidential mandate. Changes in the delegation of powers will be seen in the housing department, which will be overseen by Councillor of Social Welfare, Management and Transparency Rafael Ramírez, and the equality department, to be piloted by the president by virtue of a June 2019 agreement.

-ANA JUAN TORRES, President and Councillor of Commerce, Entrepreneurship and Equality.
-ALEJANDRA FERRER KIRSCHBAUM, 1st Vice-President and Councillor of Tourism Development and Promotion.
-SUSANA LABRADOR MANCHADO, 2nd Vice-President and Councillor of Culture and Education.
-RAFAEL RAMÍREZ GUTIÉRREZ, 3rd Vice-president and Councillor of Social Welfare, Management, Housing and Transparency.
-BARTOMEU ESCANDELL TUR, Councillor of Economy, Finance and General Services.
-ANTONIO JESÚS SANZ IGUAL, Councillor of Environment and Inspection Services.
-RAFAEL GONZÁLEZ RIBAS, Councillor of Mobility and Territory.
-RAQUEL GUASCH FERRER, Councillor of Heritage, Language Policy and Training.
-JOSEP MARÍ MAYANS, Councillor of Infrastructures, Primary Sector and Interior.
-VANESSA PERELLADA TORRES, Councillor of Youth, New Technologies and Citizen Participation.
-PAULA FERRER MAGAÑA, Councillor of Sports, Human Resources and Island Services.

18 October 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Formentera and EBAP sign deal for police cadet training courses in Pine Islands

foto 2021 ebapConsell de Formentera president Alejandra Ferrer and the chief of the Balearic office of the first minister, civil service and equality, Mercedes Garrido, signed an agreement today to make Eivissa, for the first time ever, the site of the Balearic School of Public Administration (Escola Balear d'Administració Pública, EBAP) training course for local police cadets. The course will be open to cadets from Formentera. Also at the signing were Formentera's councillor of interior, Josep Marí, along with regional civil service office director Carmen Palomino and managing director of the EBAP María del Carmen Iglesias.

"Hopefully this will mean a larger pool of candidates who are qualified to work on the island", said President Ferrer, "and help us cover staffing gaps that go back years." Ferrer called for a change and increased flexibility in the system guiding how candidates enter law enforcement "so that the island can keep the local force appropriately staffed and keep officers where they trained, unlike in the past".

Garrido said it was the first time the training would be held off Mallorca, and highlighted Formentera cadets as "a key part of the equation": "Training on Eivissa was a request we heard a lot", confided the regional minister, "and the driving goal is to make sure the public administration is more accessible on every one of the islands, and to create training opportunities for candidates on Eivissa and Formentera."

Applicants to Formentera Local Police must complete a training course to learn to meet the demands of work on the force. Recruits undergo a process of selection and a period of practicum.

The agreement ensures scheduling of a one-off "decentralised" offering of the 42nd basic training course for aspiring cadets from Eivissa and Formentera.

Class size will be determined based on appointed cadets completing practicum as part of the selection process overseen by the Consell de Formentera.

The EBAP will set dates for the course once competitive exams for municipal selective processes have ended, and according to organisational scheduling imperatives. In any event, yearly "satellite" sessions of the training are envisioned in the years ahead.

The EBAP will purchase material necessary for the remote sessions, provide administrative support and pay to train instructors, plus cover travel and lodging costs for personnel who can't be appointed with habitual residence on Eivissa, as well as expenses in the event participants must travel to Mallorca for shooting practices.

14 October 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Formentera celebrates local law enforcement

foto 2021 condecoracionsCToday, 3 October, the Consell de Formentera honoured local agents of law and order. This year’s celebration was marked by special shows of appreciation for Officer Carlos Malberti Moragón, whose exemplary record spans more than fifteen years of public service on the force, and for Officers Marc Aragay Torres, Marc Roig Ferrer, José Antonio Perera Escandell and Javier Torrens Trias, for their work to stop criminal trafficking of migrants.

In remarks, Consell de Formentera President Alejandra Ferrer extended kudos for the winners to the entire local force, whom she thanked for the extra effort required this year given the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated restrictions officers were called on to enforce. Ferrer spoke about the need for more manpower to enforce environmental regulations and additional agents from the Balearic Directorate General of Emergencies, Labour and Health, reasoning, “Local police can’t be in charge of everything.”

Councillor of Interior Josep Marí, too, praised the entire local police force for their tireless work this summer. “We know we have to work to add more officers to the local force. Today we are taking steps to deliver more training courses, make the hiring process faster and more agile and make sure officers can stay where they received training”.

Officer Carlos Malberti Morogán was honoured for more than fifteen years of outstanding service and a record free of disciplinary action.

Officers Marc Aragay Torres, Marc Roig Ferrer and José Antonio Perera Escandell received the green badge of merit for outstanding efforts on 24 July. The men’s actions helped lead to the arrest of a ship captain who has been charged with illegal trafficking of migrants. It is the second time the individual has been accused of the crime, and aggravating circumstances include putting passengers in danger and for trafficking minors, some very young.

Officers Marc Roig Ferrer and Javier Torrens Trias were honoured for outstanding efforts on 19 September, when they successfully directed actions that led to the arrest of two boat captains for the alleged criminal trafficking of migrants, with the aggravating circumstance of putting passengers, some of them minors and women, in danger. It was Roig’s second such distinction that day.

The ceremony was held at Hotel Formentera Playa and attended by local central government envoy Enrique Sánchez Navarrete, members of the National Police and Civil Guard, as well as Vice-President Ana Juan, cabinet and opposition councillors, and family and friends of the local officers.

3 October 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Formentera furthers promotion of renewable energy with property tax deductions and moves closer to new public transport contract

foto 2021 ple ixAThe Consell de Formentera held its regular plenary session for the month of September today, where councillors unanimously backed a proposal to appoint Andreu Ferrer Juan as justice of the peace. The proposal describes the Formentera resident and retired civil servant as a “great connoisseur of the realities of local governance”.

President Alejandra Ferrer thanked all those who presented candidatures for the position and praised the work of Joan Yern, the previous justice of the peace, as well as his alternate, also named Joan Yern, who remains in active duty. The agreement will be communicated to the chief judge of Eivissa for submission before the high court of the Balearic Islands, which will formalise the appointment.

Property tax deductions for renewable energies

Another measure to win full consensus among assembly members was a proposed modification of the ordinance regulating property taxes. Still in the initial phase of approval, the measure would create tax breaks of up to 50% on properties with solar systems for thermal and electrical energy.

Councillor of Economy and Finance Bartomeu Escandell said 40% rebates would apply to existing and future installations that produce four kilowatts or more of power and which are accredited by a certificate from the installer, with maximum associated deductions of €600 over four years. If installations also inject energy surpluses back into the grid, the rebate will be 50% with a maximum deduction of €700 over the same period. The measure will take effect in 2022.

First steps to give landmark status to Molí d'en Botigues

With votes in favour from the cabinet and despite abstention from the opposition, the day's session also secured backing to begin designating Molí d'en Botigues windmill in La Mola a Cultural Landmark (Bé d'Interés Cultural, BIC). Councillor of Heritage Raquel Guasch remarked that “one of this legislature's priorities is to strengthen protection and preservation of our heritage sites and advocate for recognition of that heritage; this is a path which started with the listing of Molí Vell de la Mola, and which continues today as we begin work to list Molí d'en Botigues. An important element of Formentera's ethnological heritage, Molí d'en Botigues is one of seven flour windmills that once existed on the island, and one that retains part of the mechanics which made it possible to grind grain into flour.

Lute sailing, intangible heritage

Unanimous backing also materialised behind a measure to designate the traditional technique of lute-sailing on Formentera as an Intangible Asset of Cultural Interest. Councillor Guasch underscored Formentera's support for “an extremely sensible” proposal of the Balearic Islands Advisory Council on Heritage (CAPIB). Guasch explained that following the proposal, which was directed at all four islands, “a study was commissioned on the lateen sail in Formentera which served as the basis for a related report and which was incorporated into the listing proposal”.

Honouring local police

Members of every political party with representation in government came together to support proposed distinctions for officers on Formentera's local police force. Carlos Malberti Morogán will receive a medal for fifteen-plus years of service in local law enforcement. Councillor of Interior Josep Marí described the honouree's career as “upright and just”.

Additionally, Officers Marco Aragay Torres, Marc Roig Ferrer, José Antonio Perera Escandell and Javier Torrens Trias will receive the Cross of Police Merit and Green Badge for outstanding efforts in the arrest of boat captains accused of illegal trafficking of migrants.

On behalf of the local cabinet, President Ferrer congratulated honourees and the entire Formentera Local Police Department for their work throughout two years of pandemic. Awards will be delivered at a 12-noon ceremony this Sunday at Hotel Formentera Playa.

New street honouring local teacher Maria Mayans Ferrer

With “yes” votes from the Gent per Formentera-PSOE cabinet and Sa Unió representatives opting to abstain, the plenary session secured the go-ahead for a proposed correction of errors in street names, numbering and signage, as well as for names for new roads and public spaces. Island services councillor Bartomeu Escandell highlighted one proposed name —Carrer de la Mestra Maria Mayans Ferrer— for the new arterial serving the freshly opened school in Sant Ferran. Census data confirm Mayans worked as a teacher on the island in 1871, and Artur Pérez-Cabrero refers to her in La Guía del turista (1909) as a teacher at the girls' school in Sant Francesc.

Ordinance on foster families

Assembly members united once again behind initial approval of the regulatory ordinance governing financial support for foster families. Councillor of Social Welfare Rafael Ramírez highlighted broad support for the proposal and remarked that the ordinance “is one of the policies we are developing to improve the conditions and quality of care that minors receive”. Construction of a centre for at-risk youth will push the island closer to that goal, asserted Ramírez, and will mean a “decisive leap forward in terms of quality in local services”.

Sant Ferran Cultural Space

The cabinet once again overcame opposition abstention to endorse initial approval of regulations governing use of the Sant Ferran Cultural Space. With teachers and students set up in the new Sant Ferran school, Councillor of Education and Culture Susana Labrador said the goal was to “ensure the old school becomes a space for cultural, educational and associative activities”; use regulations are the first step toward regulating how this is done.

“Our objective is to create an indoor-outdoor living cultural space in Sant Ferran”, said Councillor Labrador. “We want both the Consell and hometown associations to use it and, in so doing, help turn the town into the cultural touchstone it was years ago.” The proposed uses and regulations, which have been communicated to local cultural associations and will now be subjected to a 30-day period of public consultation, stipulate priority for activities that are cultural, educational, civic or social in nature, as well as those that relate to leisure. The idea, said Labrador, is to encourage citizen participation in matters that impact the community and to promote values like peaceful community coexistence. Other work in parallel will focus on definitive plans for a community-oriented centre for culture and the arts in Sant Ferran, indicated the councillor.

Public transport

Backing also came for two proposals relating to mobility: the first succeeded when the GxF-PSOE cabinet overcame the opposition's abstention; the second passed with support from all parties. Councillor of Mobility Rafael González sought definitive approval for a proposed system of passenger transport on local roads, which will also underpin the contract awarded for regular public passenger transport services.

Once the above measure passed, assembly members adopted a proposal to initiate bidding for the contract for public passenger transport service by road, a preliminary step to put the contract out to tender.

“We hope the new contract delivers a boost to public transport and improves the offer, not to mention provides sustainable transport alternatives which are complementary to formentera.eco”, said the councillor. González also pointed out that the ten-year, €18-million contract would mean improvements such four more bus routes (up from five), more sustainable transport vehicles, increased frequency of passage, services coordinated with the arrival and departure of ferries, newly incorporated tech (payment by card or mobile phone) and more.

González also defended a measure adopted by the assembly to fit radar-controlled speed traps on public roads. The vote found councillors urging the Directorate General of Traffic to install fixed and mobile radar devices to improve road safety, as stated in Formentera's Sustainable Mobility Plan.

Other proposals

Cabinet and opposition councillors struck a compromise urging the Balearic government to enforce a pledge to prepare preliminary studies and documentation so that the Plan for Use and Management of Ses Salines Natural Reserve can be revised and updated to suit current management and conservation needs.

In addition, backing also coalesced for calls from the opposition to urge the Consell, harbour master's authority, Civil Guard, coastal authority “and all other responsible administrations to ensure uninterrupted summer controls of charter boats that stop at the local shoreline”. Councillors underscored the importance of checking arriving ships' compliance with requirements and administrative and safety-related authorisations.

Report from Councillor Labrador

Deputy Vice-President and Councillor of Culture and Education Susana Labrador stood before members of the plenary today to report on work carried out in her departments. “2021 may have been marked by COVID-19 and punctuated by moments of great difficulty”, she confided, “but much of our work has centred on getting things back to normal in culture and education, obviously while still taking into account measures to stop viral spread”.

In remarks, the councillor highlighted the opening of the new Sant Ferran school and nursery, which she described as “one of the island's priority educational projects”. She traced the initiative to “demands from within the educational community and from islanders at large”, and asserted, “We all would have liked to have had these schools sooner. But now, thanks to the collaboration and concord between our island's and region's governments, they're a reality”.

Labrador also drew attention to the start of the local plan for culture: “The Formentera Offices of Culture and Heritage intend to take the temperature of local culture and define strategic lines and future proposals to make our island's cultural enrichment a participatory process”. She circled back to the Sant Ferran Cultural Space as well, which she had spoken of earlier as part of debate around initial approval of the facility's use regulations.

She closed with a review of her departments' efforts over the last 12 months and, highlighting the difficult year marked by the pandemic, praised the work and understanding of municipal employees, stakeholders on the cultural scene and in the educational community, and parents.

Unanimity around proclamations

European Day of Languages

Councillors endorsed a proclamation which was tabled by Councillor of Language Policy Raquel Guasch on the occasion of European Day of Languages, 26 September. In it, local government pledges to promote and preserve the Catalan language, a linguistic heritage that Formentera wishes to share with the rest of Europe's citizens, and promises respect for linguistic diversity.

International Celebrate Bisexuality Day 2021

The day's gathering concluded with a proclamation marking International Celebrate Bisexuality Day 2021, celebrated on 23 September. The measure was tabled by Councillor of Equality and LGTBI Affairs Vanessa Parellada, who asserted that bisexual people and people of varying plurisexualities make political stands within the LGTBI community and within society at large. “So”, the proclamation reads, “to defend bisexuality is to defend, speak to and promote the broad diversity of human relations”.

1 October 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

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