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Renewed work at Cap de Barbaria II dig site

Foto arxiu es cap iiFormentera Council's Office of Heritage has announced that workers at Cap de Barbaria II will soon begin consolidating and restoring sections two and eight of the archaeological site. The crew's roster of restorers and archaeologists includes Margalida Munar, Bernat Burganya, Antoni Puig and Pau Surera. The group is led by Munar and Burganya.

From 2014 to 2016 various portions of the site were restored and consolidated—area nine in 2014, six and seven in 2015 and one and three in 2016. That work occurred alongside the respective digs underpinning a research project into the archaeology, heritage and society of Formentera's prehistoric communities. The project ran from 2012 to 2016 and was co-directed coordinated by Sureda.

According to CiF heritage councillor Susana Labrador, the years-long efforts already carried out to restore Cap de Barbaria II mean there is all the more reason to continue. With roughly one third of the site already covered, Labrador estimates full restoration is not far off.

Efforts to consolidate and restore are considered preventive archaeology. A piece of legislation titled “decret 14/2011” establishes a framework for archaeological and paleontological work in the Balearics, and the Cap de Barbaria II initiative has already received the favourable opinion of a related archaeological commission.

Open day
This Saturday an open day gathering and cleanup will take place at the Cap de Barbaria II site from 9.00am to 1.00pm. Organisers have reached out to local residents to ask for help clearing the area of overgrowth. Together with a snack, volunteers will be treated to explanations on the project by the ArqueoBarbaria team.

Artistic exchange in Balears gets helping hand with Illes d'Art

illesdArt3The Formentera Council's Office of Culture has announced plans to host a concert next Friday at 8.00pm in the municipal gallery. JANSKY, a Majorcan duo of self-proclaimed “electrovers” formed by poet Laia Malo and musician Jaume Reus, will share with Formentera audiences their blend of poetry and electronic music.

The concert is the preamble to a group art show titled Illes d'Art, an opportunity for seven artists from the region to exhibit their work. That exhibition, held in the same venue, the Council's sala d'Exposicions, opens Monday March 27 at 8.00pm and will carry on welcoming visitors through April 8. Culture councillor Susana Labrador hailed the initiative as a moment of artistic exchange in the Balearics.

Illes d'Art
The Illes d'Art project comes to Formentera from Minorcan cultural association esFar. In the spirit of promoting artistic creation, the group has selected six projects for display across the four Balearic Islands. After stops on Menorca and Mallorca, the show, now in its second incarnation, arrives on Formentera.

This time around, Illes d'Art comprises a range of artistic disciplines—photos from Majorcan artist Beatriz Polo, sculptures from Mallorca-native Toni Andreu Ferriol, paintings by Eivissa's Pablo pelluz and assorted work from the Minorcan artists Gianna Carrano (photos), Elena Ferrando (collage) and Laura Marte and Julieta Oriola (Salditos Menorca, comics).

Explained the organisers: “Starting with the vision of the artists as delegates of their respective islands, each creator set out to encapsulate his or her ideas in their work, with results that run the gamut from social critique to intimate, personal creations.”

The artists' Formentera visit will also serve as a vector for unity and knowledge sharing between the islands of the Balearics. It will also be an opportunity for the visiting artists to see the how culture and art are framed on Formentera.

Entries now accepted for 15th Beni Trutmann photo contest

2n premi color sergi torresThe Formentera Council's Office of Culture has announced it will begin accepting photo submissions to the Beni Trutmann contest. Prints will be accepted through April 7. At fifteen, the competition is the longest-running of its kind on the island. Culture councillor Susana Labrador held up the event for the fervor it sparks among photography adepts of all stripes—whether their snapshots of choice are politically-steeped, landscapes or of deeply-rooted traditions.

From its outset focused on Formentera's natural surroundings—landscapes, flora and fauna, humans in nature—as a way to promote a commitment to the environment, the competition, according to Labrador, “was initially conceived as an homage to Beni Trutmann himself, who was absolutely instrumental for Formentera”. The photographer left the island with an archive of more than thirty thousand prints reflecting a deep love of Formentera's natural beauty.

Smartphone snapshots
In an effort to turn younger audiences on to the groundbreaking figure, organisers last year created a new category: smartphone snapshots. Boosted by the warm reception it received, the category returns this year. It is geared towards 12- to 18-year-olds, who are asked to email their submissions (a maximum of three) to concursfoto@conselldeformentera.cat. The initiative receives support from Polaroid, who will provide photo equipment prizes.

Colour and Black & White categories
Contenders in the Colour and Black & White categories can submit as many as three photo prints (analogue or digital), square, classic or panorama shots. They must choose whether to compete for the first, second or third prize in each category and will be eligible for €500, €300 or €200 prizes respectively.

The jury will be composed of someone from the Balearic group for ornithology and the defence of nature, a representative of Obra Cultural Balear de Formentera, three noted visual arts professionals plus a president and secretary.

Winning photos will become part of the local image and sound archive and property of the Formentera Island Council. They can additionally be used by the administration for graphic undertakings like posters, signs or for use on the Internet.

Long history
Fifteen years on, the Beni Trutmann competition has left the Council with a very valuable store of roughly 1,200 photos. Pointing to the more than 300 participants in the last five years alone, Labrador called the contest “a way for fans of the island to render Formentera as they see fit”. And with photographers hailing from Madrid, Barcelona, València, Lugo, Zaragoza and the countries of Europe, the the growth of the contest is evident.

Photo display and prizes
The contest culminates with a show of approximately fifty photos in the Council's exhibition space (Sala d'Exposicions) starting Monday April 24. It will also be the occasion to distribute prizes to the contest's winners. The display will remain open through May 6. For more information and details on participation, visit the Formentera Council website or the following link: http://www.caib.es/eboibfront/ca/2017/10626/591827/aprovacio-de-les-bases-i-convocatoria-del-concurs-

This Tuesday and Wednesday, Pau Durà sniffs out local extras for film starring José Sacristán, ‘Formentera Lady'

Foto laperifericaThe Formentera Council's Office of Culture has announced plans by Sunrise Picture Films & TV Company to shoot “Formentera Lady,” a film directed by Pau Durà and starring José Sacristán. The administration has pledged help in the form of logistical support and accommodation.

Casting for background talent will get under way Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 March at the Casal d'Entitats (Carretera de la Mola, Vénda des Brolls, 53) alongside the local police headquarters and the Office of Social Welfare. Auditions will run both days from 10.00am to 3.00pm and again from 4.00 to 8.00pm.

Sunrise reports that in addition to payment, the hundred or so extras selected will also incur social security contributions. The film's producers say they will seek “artistically-minded individuals excited by the project and available between March 16 and April 4,” the dates of scheduled shooting on the island.

Producers are looking for children aged 9 to 16 and Formentera natives, as well as transplants to the island, between 20 and 65. Youth under 16 must be accompanied by an adult and have ID.

Formentera Lady synopsis
On the island since his arrival as a hippie in the seventies, Samuel lives in a house without electricity and plays banjo in a local bar. One day Samuel is visited by his daughter Anna and grandson Marc. Out of work for some time, Anna has accepted a job that will require her to go to France, alone. Samuel, an island living on an island, must learn to coexist with a 10-year-old child, a process that will force him to revisit his own past. It will be a twilight journey through his shadow-laden paradise.

New takes on old faves — Formentera spectators of all ages gear up for weekend of theatre

Foto un tramvia anomenat desig 2The Formentera Council's Office of Culture reports that this weekend the local cinema (Sala de Cultura) will host two performances of stage productions. Tomorrow, Saturday March 4, El Somni Produccions brings its “Un tramvia anomenat desig,” a recasting of “A Streetcar named Desire”. Admission for the 55-minute show, which gets going at 9.00pm, is five euros for adults and three euros for anyone under 25.

Clinging to the past and her own bourgeois pride, Blanche Dubois pays a visit to her sister Stella, a vivacious woman who, together with her rather gruff husband, Stanley Kowalski, stands firmly in the present. Tennessee Williams' production is chock full of neurotic, fierce and tormented characters, who, every one of them, hold out hope they will catch that last train, the one known as Desire. Sergi Baos adapts and directs this acclaimed Williams piece.

Baos claims his overriding inspiration in choosing the play was its treatment of “that fragile balance we all occupy. Any old occurrence, however small, can set off the bomb within—unleash the violence that's inside all of us. Lorca, Büchner, Koltès, Mouawad and Cela understood it as well. They're all aboard this 'streetcar' too. Any human story is a story of violence”.

Theatre for kids
Sunday March 5, the little ones can look forward to Musics Viatgers' production of “Els Músics de Bremen” (“Town Musicians of Bremen” as it is called in English). The free show, which starts at 6.00pm in the cinema, is based on the traditional Brothers Grimm tale of the friendship and resolve of four abandoned animals: a mule, dog, cat and rooster. When their future as home-body pets suddenly becomes uncertain, the four decide to start an orchestra and chase stardom in Bremen.

The original score from musicians/puppet-masters Brönnhilde Ekermans Visagie and Francesc Bonnín Socías is based on popular Balearic melodies. Buoyed by refreshingly quaint techniques of shadow play, Músics Viatgers take us to a world where bright lights and wild imagination are set against meticulously crafted aesthetic and music.

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