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Theatre’s in the air as Formentera welcomes back kids’ entertainment fest and L’Illa a Escena

cartell 2021 mostra infantilThe Formentera Department of Culture has announced details about the fourteenth Festival of Children’s Entertainment (Mostra d’Espectacles Infantils), a programme of family-friendly productions put together by Sa Xerxa Network of Regional Children’s and Youth Theatre and the Consell de Formentera. The four-show festival runs from 13 March to 2 May.

For reasons related to public health, the typically one-weekend programme will be spread out across several weekends in March, April and May, amounting to what local culture chief Susana Labrador called “an eclectic helping of family-friendly culture”. The councillor also pointed up two recent additions to the 2021 L’Illa a Escena programme: one musical and one dance production, both for grown-ups.

It all starts Saturday 13 March with La Lluna d’en Joan. Joan and his fisherman dad live happily on an island until one stormy night, a crashing wave changes everything. La Lluna d’en Joan deals with the emotions of a boy who is called on to save the life of his father.

Carme Solé Vendrell’s children’s literature classic was adapted for the stage in 2007. Whether in its original illustrated form, or in Teatre Nu’s current production, the story continues to capture hearts today.

La Lluna d’en Joan, a puppet show, is recommended for children ages two and up. Sala de Cultura-Cinema, 6.00pm, Saturday 13 March

On Sunday 14 March, the same troupe will present Raspall, a tale that explores the importance of play, imagination and fantasy. Part of Pere Calders’ Cròniques de la veritat oculta, the magical realism-infused tale holds the complicity and truth-telling of children against the cold logic of adults. It was adapted for theatre audiences by Teatre Nu, who opened it in 2012 at Barcelona’s Festival Grec, masterfully distilling Calders’ trademark playfulness on stage.

How did Sala feel when his parents gave his cherished pet dog Turc to the gardener’s daughter? How did he fill the void left by the dog’s absence? We’ll find out when a duo of actors enlist old junk in the attic to take us deep into a world of fantasy that only youngsters will fully understand.

Raspall is for children five and up. Sala de Cultura-Cinema, 6.00pm, Saturday 14 March

The programme continues on Saturday 24 April with a clown and magic show by Clownómadas. Utopía retraces the tale of a globetrotting clown who has spent years seeking magic in all that surrounds him. This eclectic 50-minute production includes live music, magic, juggling, sleight of hand tricks, and show-stopping “smoke charming”.

Utopía is a family-friendly production and is appropriate for all ages. Sala de Cultura-Cinema, 6.00pm, Saturday 24 April

As the programme concludes on Sunday 2 May, Majorcan director Tolo Ferrà’s On és quan ja no hi és? delves into a subject —loss of a loved one— that is notoriously difficult, particularly for young ones. The production was honoured during a recent celebration of family-friendly coproductions, and offers various ideas for discussing the topic with children.

On és quan ja no his és? portrays death from the viewpoint of a child, an adult and an elderly person — perspectives at once distinct and interconnected. The three theatrical languages alternately merge to present audiences with a surprising final result: visual theatre, object theatre and live-action cinema.

On és quan ja no hi és? is a family-friendly production and is recommended for children over 5. Sala de Cultura-Cinema, 6.00pm, Saturday 27 February

Appropriate safety protocol will be in place at all events. Productions may be postponed based on the unfolding epidemiological situation. Admission is free but reservations are required.

Reservations can currently be made for La Lluna d’en Joan and Raspall by emailing reserves@conselldeformentera.cat before 10.00am on Friday 12 March.

Parents are encouraged to bear in mind the intended audience of each function when reserving seats.

Formentera’s fourteenth Festival of Children’s Entertainment is part of the 2021 L’Illa a Escena programme, which includes two additional music and dance productions for grown-ups.

On Saturday 20 March local flamenco fans can catch El Mawi de Cádiz, a project that is innovative yet time-tested, fresh yet familiar, delivering a steady flow of blood straight to the heart. Audiences will marvel at the masterly fusion of musical harmonies by Alejandro Suárez, percussive beats by Cani Huertas and the walloping force of dancing and singing by El Mawi.

Sala de Cultura-Cinema, 8.00pm, Saturday 20 March

Saturday 17 April marks the return of the Barnasants festival of song. More than a decade after Pau Riba shared his “Jo, la donya i el gripau” album with local audiences, the performer returns for a retrospective jaunt through his poetic universe, dusting off old favourites and communing with the natural world in these times of pandemic.

Sala de Cultura-Cinema, 8.00pm, Saturday 17 April

In the first half of 2021 L’Illa a Escena productions are free to attend. Reservations are required and may be made by sending an email to reserves@conselldeformentera.cat.

After the pandemic-imposed pause on programming, Councillor Labrador insisted that islanders could once again scratch their cultural itch. “We’re thrilled because with six shows in two months, there really is something for everyone”, she asserted.

Cultural support
The Festival of Children’s Entertainment benefits from Institute of Balearic Studies initiatives to disseminate performing arts and the Spanish Ministry of Culture’s INAEM programme to support cultural projects.

Teatre Nu
Teatre Nu’s two-decade trajectory in performing arts have brought 19 productions and more than two thousand performances. They believe theatre is “community art” in which the sum of individual talents serves to help each new project grow. Teatre Nu won the Xarxa Alcover prize at Igualada’s Children’s and Youth Theatre Fest in 2018.

Teatre Nu work at La Casa del Teatre Nu, a space where amateurs and professionals can pursue projects from conceptualisation to execution. More than ten shows are currently in production.

Clownómadas began in Brazil in 2015, when the troupe turned a minibus into a “circus-house” and crisscrossed the country sharing their brand of theatre with places where art is typically lacking. They travelled 25,000km in twelve months, making countless surprising stops and meeting marvellous people and artists from every corner of Latin America.

Though Clownómadas are no strangers to circus and music festivals, the gang have mostly grown their project in the streets of Brazil. Now, with this stage behind them, they have returned to Spain and set up shop on Mallorca, where they are currently cultivating their fundamentals in a bid to keep evolving and developing new original projects.

Coma 14 – Tolo Ferrà
For two seasons running, On és quan ja no hi és? has enjoyed status as a “selected family-friendly coproduction”. This season is extra special, because it features theatres and institutions from across the archipelago, including Mallorca’s Teatre Principal, the Teatre Principal Foundation of Maó, Institute of Balearic Studies, Consell d’Eivissa, Consell de Formentera, Ajuntament de Santa Eulària des Riu and Sa Xerxa.

Sa Xerxa
The Festival of Children’s Entertainment is organised by Sa Xerxa and the Consell de Formentera.

The idea that “culture is a fundamental right” has carried Sa Xerxa through two decades of work and is the main driving force behind the activities they organise. It all started at the regional Children’s and Youth Theatre Festival, or FIET. They see the successful hosting of this year’s 19th edition as an act of resistance and cultural advocacy.

The stage professionals and family spectators who have taken to FIET over the years have ultimately made it one of the biggest festivals of its kind in Spain.

Sa Xerxa is a non-profit that uses volunteers to promote cultural dynamism, creating the means for performing arts programming for children and youth, helping children and youth become agents of performing arts-based participation. They cater to all audiences and strive to bring top-notch theatre to every corner of Balearics, at the same time injecting decisive zing into the industry of cultural productions and promoting family-theatre across the archipelago.

4 March 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

La Mola lighthouse reopens Thursday, the cinema Friday

The Consell de Formentera reports that from tomorrow 4 March, the island’s lighthouse-turned-cultural centre and exhibition space, El Far de la Mola, will reopen Tuesday to Saturday 10.00am to 2.00pm. Capacity is limited to 20 and Covid-19 safety and preventive protocol will be enforced.

The lighthouse is divided into two exhibition spaces: the first, dedicated to a permanent installation on all things maritime —the undersea environment, underwater natural resources, sailing and light signage— and the second, which houses temporary art exhibits.

In other news, the Formentera cinema (Sala de Cultura) will welcome islanders back for two weekly screenings from this Friday. The sessions start at 8.00pm on Friday and Sunday. Sala de Cultura capacity is set at 80 and safety protocol will be in place. This week’s film is “Sentimental”.

3 March 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

‘Uncover yourself’: Int’l Women’s Day exhibition encourages islanders to ditch taboos

cartell 2021 desobreix-teThe Formentera Department of Culture and the Formentera Department of Equality and LGTBI Affairs join Espai Dones to celebrate International Women’s Day with presentation of Descobreix-te sense tabús (Uncover yourself, taboo-free) at “Ajuntament Vell” gallery from Monday 1 March.

Photographer/designer Llorco Llorenç and model/poet Nadine Marina join forces to give voice to the women of Descobreix-te: extravagant, irreverent, critical, bold, provocative and with a style and voice all their own. Each of the show’s fifteen images is built around a particular theme, with each theme further explored in bite-size texts specially tuned for those less familiar with feminism.

Themes include “Feminism doesn’t mean helping me iron”, “Fight like a woman”, “Uncover yourself, taboo-free”, “Not hysterical, historical” and “Love songs bore me”.

The project’s origins date back to late 2017, when a chance encounter on the streets of Barcelona laid bare Llorenç and Marina’s searing creative chemistry. By injecting objects traditionally seen as ‘feminine’ with a sense of protagonism and critique, Llorenç and Marina push us to shift our perspective and explore the many ways we can uproot the stereotypes binding women to specific roles.

Creator bios
Llorco Llorenç has long since paid his dues as an artist. Bold, enthusiastic, self taught, multifaceted and principled, he has taken on the visual universe from a virtually endless array of perspectives. He learned the ropes alongside artists like Ouka Leele, Sam Haskins and América Sánchez, earning recognition in the form of numerous awards and showing his work at Arco, Fundació Miró, Sephora and Sala Blanquerna. Llorenç has a particular predilection for portraits, no doubt linked to his knack for capturing his subjects’ emotions.

Anthropologist, primary school teacher, poet, feminist, show-runner for the Lola Lolita Nolola art project and writer of No vull ser mare... Nadine Marina holds many titles. Influenced by Martha Rosler, Marina Abramovic, Marguerite Duras, Sylvia Plath and Lucía Berín, Marina trains her attention on the perpetuation of gender roles and inequalities. Through prose, dance and performance, she stimulates critical and boundary-pushing thought and offers silenced heroines —grandmothers, mothers, the upstairs neighbour, the suicided poetesses— a voice.

Visiting hours
Descobreix-te sense tabús is on view at “Ajuntament Vell” exhibition space Monday 1 March to Saturday 13 March from 11.00am to 2.00pm and 6.00pm to 8.00pm (Sundays and Monday mornings closed). The exhibition is included in the Espai Dones and Consell de Formentera-backed programme of events for International Women’s Day, 8 March. Complete programme details are forthcoming.

25 February 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Pottery students show work

cartell 2021 expo ceramicaThe Formentera Department of Culture reports that on Monday 22 February, participants in Silvini Jobani’s pottery course will pull back the curtain on an exhibition of their work. Ten students in all will display their personal creations in the “Ajuntament Vell” gallery until Saturday 27 February.

With pieces in the display grouped by form rather than by creator, visitors to this year’s show will be able to appreciate the range of techniques that came into play as students worked.

Tribute to Remedios Castillo
Jobani and her students have prepared a tribute to local potter Remedios Castillo, who died on 27 January, with an evolving selection of images programmed for evening projections.

One of pottery’s leading proponents on the island, Castillo had a dedication that stoked a passion for the craft in many Formentera natives. Later, Silvia Jobani, Castillo’s one-time student, would run the workshop alongside her former teacher for many years.

The exhibition is on view Monday to Saturday from 11.00am to 2.00pm and 6.00pm to 8.00pm and closed Sundays and Monday mornings.

19 February 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Beni Trutmann photo contest turns 18

cartell 2021 beni trutmannThe Formentera Department of Culture announces that now through 12 April, submissions will be accepted for the Beni Trutmann photography contest, a mythical local rendezvous that celebrates its 18th year in 2021.

The contest is a tribute to the distinguished Swiss photographer who called Formentera home for 44 years and left a library of over 30,000 prints illuminating his love for the island and for its natural beauty. For that very reason and in the spirit of Trutmann’s commitment to the environment, nature in all its forms, from flora and fauna to landscapes and humans’ place in the outdoors, commands the contest’s starring role.

Colour / Black & White
In the Colour and Black & White categories, participants can submit up to three prints (analog or digital) in square, digital, classic and panorama format. Contestants must state which prize —first, second or third, with cash prizes of €500, €300 and €200, respectively— they wish to compete for.

Political engagement
Although a relatively recent addition, the Fotodenúncia category —for photography that is political in nature, seeking to denounce injustices, demand change or encourage reflection on a particular environmental issue— has established itself as a key part of the Beni Trutmann contest. Cash prizes for the first-, second- and third-place winners are €500, €300 and €200, respectively.

Submissions to the Colour, Black & White and Fotodenúncia categories can be made in person at the Citizen’s Information Office (OAC) or by certified mail to Consell Insular de Formentera (Plaça de la Constitució, 1 | 07860 Sant Francesc) until 12 April 2021.

Smart shots
Tuned for youth aged 12 to 18, another category that has become wildly popular is for photographs taken with smartphones. These submissions must be sent before the end of the day on 12 April 2020 to concursfoto@conselldeformentera.cat. Contestants are asked to include no more than three photos taken with their smartphone.

A panel of judges will be made up of a spokesperson from the local chapter of the Balearic Association for Ornithology and the Defence of Nature (GEN-GOB); a representative of the local chapter of Obra Cultural Balear; three individuals renowned for their work in the visual arts; plus a speaker and secretary.

Winning submissions will be included in the Formentera Image and Sound Archive, the AISF, and become property of the Council, which reserves the right to reproduce them as it deems fit (on posters, signs, internet-based campaigns, etc), though not for profit.

In its 18 years, the Beni Trutmann competition has amassed a valuable archive of roughly 1,200 photos from 300 participants. No better proof of the contest's growth can be found than the participation of photographers from as far away as mainland Spain and other countries in Europe.

With the contest’s 2020 edition suspended following the declaration of emergency orders, councillor of culture Susana Labrador encouraged amateurs and pros alike to take part in Beni Trutmann 2021: “Given Covid-related restrictions, it’s been suggested we spend time outside and enjoy the island’s natural spaces, so get out there and show us your best!”

Exhibition and awards ceremony
To crown the contest's 18th edition, from Monday, 4 May, a selection of some fifty photos will be displayed in the Ajuntament Vell municipal gallery, and during a special ceremony selected photographers will receive their prizes. The exhibition will continue through 15 May. For more information and to see submission conditions, visit the Consell de Formentera website.

18 February 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

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