Formentera makes starting a business and declaring economic activity simpler and cheaper

cartell 2021 us ho posamThe Formentera Department of Land is pleased to present “Us ho posam més fàcil” (We’re making things easier) — a campaign to make declaring new commercial activity easier and less expensive through year’s end 2021. Said department chief Rafael González, “We’re making it easier, faster and cheaper to start a new business or declare commercial operations”.

Business made simpler
Today, Formentera’s full catalogue of municipal services can be processed online with the Virtual Citizen Information Office (OVAC), and a declaration of responsibility and technical documentation are all that is required to start a new business or declare existing activity. The changes make it simpler and faster to process permits, with go-ahead becoming official 24 hours after registration of a request..

Lower fees
In another key change that will remain in effect even after the end of Us ho posam més fàcil, islanders pay less for simple formalities like business sales or changes of ownership. The latter, for example, will now carry a fixed fee of €200 — a nearly 90% reduction on the standard rate.

Fee rebate
Local government will also subsidise 50% of fees applied to new commercial activity for the duration of the campaign. González called it a “leg-up” for crisis-hit islanders starting a new business.

FDL has introduced a consultation service for regular islanders and professionals alike. Queries can be directed to

Municipal employees will perform door-to-door visits of local businesses and deliver brochures explaining the new measures. Industry professionals will also be invited to info-sharing meetings where related developments will be detailed.


24 May 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera