With “L'etern mecanoscrit”, audiences see reading get raves

foto letern mecanoscrit 2The Formentera Council has announced that this Saturday, February 11 at 9.00pm, theatre troupe La Impaciència will perform 'L'etern mecanoscrit' before Formentera audiences. Recommended for adults and young theatregoers over eight, the sixty-minute show turns on the importance of reading and preserving the world heritage it represents. Admission to the production, to take place in the cinema (Sala de Cultura), is five euros for adults and three euros for those under 25.

Using Salvador Oliva's 4.000 anys després de l'eternitat and Manuel de Pedrolo's Mecanoscrit del segon origen as a starting point, La Impaciència provides a reflection for the young and old on the importance of books and reading and the need to conserve and appreciate this global heritage.

Two characters taken from de Pedrolo's work, buttressed against the theatrics present in both Mecanoscrit del segon origen and 4.000 anys després de la eternitat, symbolise the world as it exists in L'etern mecanoscrit. To the bemusement of spectators, the two characters actually drape their own reflections on their surroundings in an explanation of de Pedrolo's novel. Those reflections, together with the characters' own lived experiences, present a critical review of the world and social relations. With performances by renowned actors Rodo Gener and Luca Bonadei, L'etern mecanoscrit picked up the Bòtil 2012 prize at Vilafranca's child and youth theatre festival.

Theatre company
Brought up on the shores of the Mediterranean, La Impaciència is a professional troupe founded by Luca Bonadei, Rodo Gener and Salvador Oliva, three renowned actors who share not only a history on the Balearic theatre scene, but also similar artistic inclinations. They have been behind big productions like Una nit vaig somiar que mon pare era Déu (2004), Radiografies (2006) and In-conciencia (2009) and have, over the course of their professional career, snagged numerous accolades.