“Eso que tú me das” offers Formentera audiences Jordi Évole’s parting interview with Pau Donés

cartell 2020 eso que tu me dasThe Formentera Culture Department reports that on Friday 4 December and Sunday the 6th, the Sala de Cultura (Cinema) will host screenings of Eso que tú me das, the documentary capturing Pau Donés in his final interview with Jordi Évole. The screenings are scheduled for 8.30pm and 8.00pm, respectively.

Pau Donés succumbed to cancer after a five-year battle with the disease, but until his dying breath, the Jarabe de Palo leader burned to communicate and share his joy for life. As death drew near, the singer reached out to Jordi Évole, intent on conveying his final message, one of gratitude for all that he had received.

At home with Donés in Vall d’Aran, the Producciones del Barrio team filmed an interview which, per the singer’s express wishes, would only be shown after his death. Directed by Évole and Ramón Lara, Eso que tú me das is the result of that conversation.

The documentary toggles between the emotion-wrought moments of a person’s farewell and musings on how to live life and not take it for granted. There are light-hearted moments as well, with the journalist and singer settling old scores through laughs.

Donés had a connection to Formentera that ran deep: he spent lengthy seasons here, and maintained a vast network of friends and loved ones. Contact reserves@conselldeformentera.cat by 10.00am on Friday 4 December to reserve tickets.

Raising money for VHIO and the Fero Foundation
That, amid the current morass in cultural programming, Eso que tú me das be screened in more than 280 theatres across Spain is testament to the toil and drive of producers, distribution companies and cinemas.

The films’ producers have additionally pledged to donate their earnings to cancer research at Barcelona’s Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology and the Fero Foundation. Donés received treatment at VHIO, and researchers there will continue studying the singer’s particular form of cancer.

24 November 2020
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera